Thursday, April 21, 2011

Web browsers in Korea

Doing a web search, or using a computer for that matter, can be frustrating in Korea if you do not speak the language.  Most pc's here have either the Korean version of Microsoft XP, or every now and then a Vista, installed on them.  You would think that your English computer/laptop will work as well as in your own country, but alas, web browsers have the rather annoying feature where they change the language of the browser into Korean.  This means that your favourite Google search engine will decide all on its own, that it is time for you to learn Korean, and the page will be displayed in Korean.  I am sure there are ways around it, but I had to change from Google Chrome, to Opera, just because the browser refuses to "remember" to stay in English, even when you fiddle around with the language preferences. There are ways of dealing with this problem, which involves going into the change log of the web browser, and all kinds of other technical things, but i found it easier just to change over the Opera, and to use a less well known search engine such as Never heard of it? I am not surprised.. this browser after some absence only fairly recently were updated again, and is rather handy in that it takes the top results from other search engines such as Google and Bing.  Which means that in theory you get the best results on the web.  It is not as cluttered as many other web browsers, unfortunately not as visually appealing as Google, but at least it stays in English.

Most Koreans do not use Google it seems, but instead use   It is unfortunately in Korean.

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