Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gothic, Metal, Doom and Gloom

If you like alternative music, you might want to look at the following links:

a)  Asia Metal Festival 2011  (25 June)

b)  Goth Korea

c)The Goth Korea it starts with the internet community based festival, Blood Red Halo. we have once or twice formal party in Holloween or in Christmas day.
The sapiens 7 club is one of the places offering the concerts around Hong Dae area. Mostly the bands perform in Sapiens 7 are formally from Jusin Production and Sapiens 7 entertainment. But the club tour also exist, you can meet another band in sapiens 7 also in other places.  The Big concerts like Asia Metal Festival are performed in V-hall or in sangsang madang around that area.

d)  And of cause, you can listen to me and my little one-man-band at:      :))))

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